Explore and welcome the birth of a $40 trillion market – IMCPI released a “Chinese culture and business mandarin public benefit class”

April 24 00:02 2021

In 2020 China surpassed the majority of developing countries with its GDP per capita exceeding ten thousand U.S dollars. In the foreseeable future the Chinese consumer market is expected to reach a $40 trillion mark, thus becoming one of the most desirable business locations for many ambitious and adventurous companies. Therefore, all companies willing to enter this market and develop commercial opportunities will face the necessity to learn the Mandarin language and get acknowledged with local cultural aspects in order to better understand Chinese business structure and social environment.

Introduction of a training system, which would assist the company’s employees in learning Mandarin, as well as immersing into Chinese culture, will definitely result in a strong competitive advantage, which would allow the company to win a larger market share.

According to IMF’s forecast in 2020 the real GDP will decrease by 3% globally, and MEDCs (more economically developed countries) real GDP will fall by 6.1%, LEDCs (less economically developed countries) will merely descend by 1%. The Chinese real GDP will grow by 1.2%, and the Indian – by 1.9%. In 2021 China’s economic growth will become rapid, and its real GDP will rise by 9.2% and keep the ascending trend.

Recently IMCPI, a well-known Chinese tutoring institute, has released a charitable event entitled “Communicate with the world” following the COVID-19 pandemic. This period has been extremely challenging for most of existing businesses, activities of which were greatly affected by the consequences of virus expansion. Therefore, the goal of the aforesaid activity organized by IMCPI is to increase the quality of communication between global entrepreneurship and the Chinese consumer market, and also to catch the economic growth trend after the pandemic. The service which is being offered is a “Chinese culture and business mandarin charitable class” and its estimated value equals to $2 million. Now IMCPI is opening the application process for this program.

IMCPI stands for International Mandarin Chinese Promotion Institute, established in 2002 in Ohio, US, and is dedicated to providing highly categorized and customized Chinese courses to various entrepreneurs. In 2008 IMCPI established the”Academic R&D and Teacher Training Center” in order to form an effective closed-loop construction: from content development to content output. In 2011 IMCPI’s teaching system received verification of Pearson UK and became the first Chinese language education professional institution recognized by an international authoritative third party and offering customized business Chinese and cultural consultation services. Since then, IMCPI has been cooperating with various local businesses and schools in the USA, the UK, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Australia, Japan, Thailand, China and so on. It has also received a lot of positive feedback for its extraordinary mandarin learning services from more than 100 international companies, such as Disney, Qualcomm, IMPSA, Philips and others.

The reason why IMCPI was able to achieve all these accomplishments and is now being favorably chosen by major multi-national companies is based on IMCPI’s concentration on improving learning productivity in Mandarin and development of unique teaching methods, such as “G.A.M.E Four steps”, “Dynamic and static Interval Approach” and others. Another reason worth mentioning is the strong corporate focus: IMCPI considers corporate performance growth as its own responsibility, adjusts its teaching content depending on the client’s industry and culture, and lastly, takes in consideration the actual business needs of the company. A combination of these factors allows our clients achieve productivity transformation that ultimately promotes the growth of corporate performance.

Without any doubt China’s economy is growing rapidly in its own way and becoming very influential in the world. We can choose to try our best to contain it or we can choose to cooperate actively. It all depends on what we want to get from the rise of the Chinese market. We believe that every smart entrepreneur will have his/her answers, and IMCPI is a bridge for companies to understand China and discover market opportunities.

To find out more about charitable events from IMCPI, please visit our official website: http://www.imcpi.com

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