Sinocare Products Help People with Diabetes Improve their Life Quality

Sinocare Products Help People with Diabetes Improve their Life Quality

January 16
15:06 2023

Sinocare has 20 years experience in BGM industry since its foundation in 2002, it is the biggest BGM manufacturing facility company in Asia and the first listed blood glucose meter manufacturer company in China, dedicated to the innovation of biosensor technology, developing, manufacturing, and marketing on rapid diagnosis testing products.  In 2016, after the successful acquisition of Nipro diagnostic Inc. (now renamed as Trividia Health Inc.) and PTS Diagnostics Inc. Sinocare has become the world’s No.5 largest blood glucose meter manufacturer and one of the leading companies in POCT industry in the world.


1. Exports to more than 135 countries.

2. More than 4000 employees worldwide.

3. In 2021, the global operating revenue exceeded 400 million US dollars.

4. Two Subsidiaries in the United States: PTS and Trividia

5. BGM market ranks 1st in China and 5th in the world.


Sinocare is the biggest BGM manufacturing facility company in Asia with an annual production capacity of glucose meter is 8 million, and an annual production capacity of glucose test strip is 6 billion.

They provide agencies with product expertise and sales skills training, technology knowledge and excellent team building training.


Attend the international & regional trade shows and support the agencies exhibiting other regional marketing activities.


Sinocare Health Diabetes Clinic is a specialist clinic wholly owned by Sinocare Inc. Endocrinology Department, Expert Clinic, Medical Laboratory, One-Stop Examination Room, Nutrition Catering Room, Sports Room, Insulin Injection Room, Remote Group Consultation, Diabetes Class, Health Pharmacy, Psychological Consulting Room, and Member Activity Center.

Urine trace albumin, urine creatinine, heart color ultrasound, fundus examination, neuromuscular electrical diagram, blood vessel color ultrasound, and arteriosclerosis detection are used to screen diabetic kidney disease, diabetic heart disease, diabetic retinopathy, diabetic peripheral neuropathy, and diabetic vascular lesions, so as to perfect the above-mentioned examination items regularly that can be helpful in monitoring and assessing complications prevention and therapeutic effect.

Their mission is to provide high-quality products and services for people with diabetes and other chronic diseases to help them improve their life quality.


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