Trustech Introduces Two Types of Space Heaters to Bring Users a Good Choice

November 03 22:12 2022

Recently, Trustech has availed two varieties of space heaters into the market. Space heaters are suitable for offices, leisure spots, homes and many other places of human occupation. Equipped with the right space heaters, these venues will be comfortable even in the most extreme weather conditions.

First off, about Trustech’s Indoor Electric Space Heater. This space heater has PTC technology ensuring it heats quickly and efficiently. It has an impressive 90o oscillation, which enables it to heat up every corner of a room. The heater works in three modes, low (1000 W), high (1500 W) and the fan-only mode to meet different heating needs. There is an adjustable thermostat (50-95℉) installed, enabling it to switch between the modes or completely turn off the heater. The heater has an aesthetically pleasing 3D flame that can function as a night light. It is safe since it will automatically turn off when tipped over on the ground or at 50o, while it also turns off whenever the internal components overheat. This effectively curtails the risk of fire. As well as having the touch panel, this heater comes with a remote control that enables on to switch on/off, toggle between modes and temperatures, and switch on or off the 3D light.



Next is the Trustech Portable Heater Fan. This fan impressively warms up environment in 3 seconds, and functions in three modes, 750 W low heat, 1500W hot heat and the natural wind mode. The heater is light and compact ensuring it does not take up a lot of space. It also is fitted with a handle, making it highly portable. Its portable feature is a big selling point, as one only has to plug it in and turn two knobs and it can be used anywhere at the user’s convenience. The heater is fitted with a thermostat that will automatically maintain a constant temperature, preventing overheating therefore guaranteeing safety. It has also been tested by professionals and issued with the ETL certificate. What’s more, its fan also makes it very useful in hot conditions. Even the outside is burning in the summer, people still can sit in the yard while feeling cool with this little fan. Honestly, grab this portable electric heater fan in the hand, people can nicely go through all seasons!



Space heaters are becoming more and more necessary for individuals. Considering all their features and specifications, Trustech’s Space Heaters seem to be the best choices for people interested in space heaters.

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Trustech is a globally acclaimed brand that aims to provide users with simple and efficient appliances, coupled with top-notch after-sale services. Its heaters guarantee fast, uniform and efficient heating, whilst being super safe and energy efficient.

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