Black Woman TV App Developer Who is Disrupting Art Districts Across the Globe

November 02 18:26 2022
Creatives, artists, and producers now have the capability to earn a fair wage while maintaining 100% rights to their work.

Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA – November 2, 2022 – (Aart & Kingsley LLC / dba / Exposure Plus TV) Due to limited resources, many artists remain hidden gems due to their inability to share their talents and/or artwork. In the world of artistry, Exposure Plus TV’s core message is synonymous with providing resources to inspiring and Grammy Award-winning artists.

Under the ownership of a minority woman who has contributed to the arts on and off stage, there has never been a more robust television streaming app accessible on all smart devices.

In addition to being a former BET comedian, a Registered Wisconsin State Lobbyist, President of the Black Media Union, Lawrence is also the Publisher of Exposure Magazine and Keynote Magazine. Lawrence’s mission is to cultivate a community of thriving influencers, creatives, change agents, advocates, and media professionals who are ready to lead the way.

“Digitized and streaming currency earned in the metaverse shows that less than 3% of deserving communities earn a living wage. My goal is to protect the art and creative flow within marginalized communities. There is no doubt in my mind that artists deserve to be compensated for their work. In response, I developed an app that puts artists and producers in control. I intend to lead Exposure Plus TV in the right direction so we can make a positive impact on the world,” said Tam Lawrence, CEO of Exposure Plus TV.

The reminiscence of Exposure’s 3.0 generation launches what will be viewed as the #1 digital and streaming space that provides artists with a live pay-per-view stage for hosting concerts, live sessions, art crawls, and artist showcases, with 100% content control.

Exposure Plus TV 3.0 can be accessed by over 440 million households in 128 countries. As part of Speak Live Nation’s winter season, the network will host several events for artists under the direction of Cedric Nettles.

Exposure Plus TV lets content creators, artists, filmmakers, and more monetize their content quickly and easily. The service allows artists to sell audio and video content over top of any smart device, make money, secure their rights, and reach millions worldwide. You can contact Aart & Kingsley Agency’s office by calling (202) 899.3147 or email [email protected] to learn more about the Artistry Initiative. Phase one allows for pay-per-view concerts, live music sessions, televised art crawl, art festival, music festival, and an array of other events are welcomed to stream with Exposure Plus TV.


The web app can be found on the smart television devices Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, Android TV, along with iOS & Android mobile devices. The free subscription gives users access to over 50,000 movies, animations, faith based television programs, as well as thousands of independent creatives.


Tam Lawrence
Mobile: 202-899-3147
Email: [email protected]

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