Successful liquidation of Macqwerty Collective No. 3 fund. New setting relay for next year

November 01 03:06 2022

The year-end maturation of four types of funds was sequentially liquidated, and the cumulative return was around 100%.

Macqwerty Co., Ltd. will liquidate four types of funds that expire at the end of 2022. The accumulated returns of the funds approaching maturity exceed 100% and are evaluated as successful management performances.

Thanks to the performance of the liquidation funds, it is raising funds and setting up new funds one after another.

According to the financial investment industry on October 25, Macqwerty assets newly set up three types of funds in September: ‘Focusing Value General Private Equity Trust III’, ‘Aviation Industry Nasdaq Mixed Type II’, and ‘Global Stock Market Basis Securities Investment’.

The three types of funds were 2.6 billion won, 1.9 billion won, and 1.8 billion won, respectively, and successfully raised a total of about 6 billion won.

In particular, Macqwerty’s fund strategy is receiving a positive response from the market in that the reset size of existing liquidation maturities accounted for more than 60% of the newly established funds.

Basically, it mainly contains listed stock mezzanine, and in particular, a strategy that achieves good performance in the public offering market is key. Investing in public stocks stood out based on the forecast of demand for public offerings.

A Macqwerty official explained that the portfolio is usually composed of mezzanine 70%, listed stocks 20%, and other derivatives 10%.

Macqwerty Asset Management sets the maturity of most funds within 3 years and 6 months. It is explained that in order to contain excellent mezzanine and stock, it requires more time than general listed stock funds.

Macqwerty Asset Management plans to similarly manage the three types of funds set up this time.

The reason Macqwerty was able to raise large amounts of funds even in the face of the recent global financial market freezing was the good performance of its existing fund management.

Macqwerty Asset Management liquidated three types of funds last month: ‘Focusing Value General Private Equity Trust II’, ‘Aviation Industry Nasdaq Mixed Type I’, and ‘Global Stock Market Basis Securities Investment 2021’. The cumulative returns recorded 128%, 73%, and 110%, respectively, indicating that the exit was successful.

It is known that the beneficiaries of the existing funds had satisfactory results and participated in the establishment of new funds. In addition to existing fund beneficiaries, new fund investors are participating through word of mouth, and it seems that the new fund has raised more than the set amount of the liquidation fund.

Accordingly, expectations for Macqwerty Asset Management’s earnings this year are also rising. This is because, when the fund was liquidated on a large scale every 3 years and 6 months, the management performance was reflected and the performance has grown rapidly.

An official at Macqwerty Collective said, “Even in the global economic downturn, we set the global market strategy as a key to predict the direction of the global exchange rate market and achieve successful results in the market. In addition, we will do our best for the successful management of the three new funds set up this time.” He said.

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