The Rite of Life, driving the world’s third cultural renaissance of the sea coachman chapter

June 14 19:28 2022

The Netherlands in the early 17th century was fruitful in the field of culture and art, and at one time a large number of outstanding thinkers, scientists and artists emerged, while the development of Catholicism and Christianity in the Netherlands also led and promoted the local cultural prosperity for a time. Against such a background, the Dutch School of Painting came into being and established itself in the world, making a great contribution to realist art. And the progress of culture and art will inevitably lead to the overall development of economy and society. At that time, the Netherlands became the first advanced developed country in the world precisely under the promotion of the field of culture and art, and played a crucial role in the maritime trade at that time, mastering a large amount of maritime resources, with hundreds of shipyards in the capital alone, accounting for three-quarters of the total tonnage of merchant ships in Europe, with nearly 15,000 search merchant ships  had a near monopoly on maritime trade and was known as the “coachman of the sea”.

The Netherlands is located in a region of Western Europe that has always been rich in material goods and products, which is why they are also known as the “Land of Milk”. The development of maritime trade and animal husbandry has also created a unique food culture. The large-scale jade sculpture group work “Life Salute” led by Zhai Peng, the founder of the great renaissance of Chinese culture, will restore the world’s food culture through the art of jade sculpture, and will find the second living space of human beings by driving the third cultural renaissance of the world. And this time, the sea coachman chapter is a perfect interpretation of Dutch food culture by using a natural and complete piece of jade.

Dutch Smoked Cheese

Smoked cheese is known as the fourth treasure of the Netherlands in addition to windmills, tulips and wooden shoes, for the Dutch, cheese is a necessary food in life, according to statistics, the number of cheese consumed by each person in the Netherlands can reach nearly 8 kg per year. 16 century, the Dutch cheese makers brought back the East Indies exotic spices mixed into the cheese, and then made round, the current smoked cheese was born. Smoked cheese made from an intact piece of natural jade, with its restored color and clear texture, is a rare work of art.


Dutch Mini Pancakes

Dutch pancakes are one of the traditional foods in the Netherlands. In the pancake stores in Dutch towns, a small pancake can be made in even more than 70 ways, which is very rich. Unlike domestic pancakes, Dutch pancakes are more like mini birthday cakes, with the pancake on the bottom and the meat, vegetables and other side ingredients piled on top, which is unique. The mini pancakes, restored using beautiful jade, are golden and translucent, obviously hard jade, but they give a crispy and delicious look that makes the viewer wonder.


Dutch Frittata

One of the ten most famous Dutch dishes, meatloaf is very common in the streets of many Dutch cities. The middle of the roll is vegetables and meat, and the outside is wrapped in a layer of bread crumbs and fried until golden, the Dutch used to dip mustard to eat, crispy and delicious. The most difficult part of using natural jade to make meatloaf is the granular bread crumbs on the surface, which requires great skill to create such a golden and crispy texture.


The development of culture and art has always been integrated with social economy, and its relationship has become increasingly close, and the function and role of culture and art in promoting, guiding and supporting the economy has become more and more obvious. 17th century Holland, through the development of culture, drove the progress of seafaring trade in spurts, and eventually became a maritime coachman step by step. It is foreseeable that once the completion of the “Rite of Life” will once again drive the third cultural renaissance of the world, bringing the civilization of all mankind to a whole new level and pushing the whole human race forward.

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