DWCC Kickoff Public Sale of Sloth Roob NFTs: The First Set of a Five-Chapter ‘Chronicles of Roob’ Collection

June 13 19:23 2022
An Entertaining Storytelling Metaverse Collection Told in Unique Artistic Styles Powered on the Ethereum Blockchain.

13th June, 2022 – Australia – DWCC is kicking off the public sale of Sloth Roob; its artistic non-fungible token (NFT) collection powered by Ethereum Blockchain’s ERC-721 Network and to be collected exclusively by lovers of unique, artistic storytelling with an expansive metaverse experience. 

The Sloth Roob NFTs is a collection of 5353 iconic digital characters of Sloth Roobs, with each character uniquely based on each of the designer artist’s style and personality with a connection to the revolution of the metaverse entrainment. 

The Sloth Roob pre-sale kicks off on the 20th of June, with the public sale on the 24th of June, and continues until NFTs are sold out, with the official floor price set at .035 ETH. 

The first of five sets, the Sloth Roob collection is the beginning of the search mission to find Sloth Roob’s friends on the Ethereum network with the next four NFT sets to be launched immediately after Sloth Roob NFTs are sold out. The complete ‘Chronicles of Roob’ collection would feature Mammoth Boof, Squirrel Toot, Tiger Hooch, and Weasel Wooz. 

We are bridging art and utility while building a great community around our digital characters for all members of the entertainment industry. Everybody should have a meta identity and be part of the metaverse future. We are creating an exclusive ‘Roobs Community’.

Upon completion of all five NFT sets of the collection, the DWCC team will partner with a renowned author (Top Secret) to publish the full ‘Chronicles of Roob storybook. 

DWCC NFT Collections 

Boss Sloth Roob Genesis Editions

The 100 Boss Sloth Roob Genesis Editions are all uniquely designed original Sloth Roob living on the Ethereum Blockchain. These are the first generated Sloth Roobs, with scenic environments, designs, and perks for the holders. Genesis Editions Holders will be entitled to a special perk from the creators of future collections.

Sloth Roob Official Collection 

This is the first most iconic digital character from DWCC’s book ”The Chronicles of Roob”. Sloth Roob NFT is a collection of 5,353 unique iconic digital characters inspired by the Digital Web Creation Club’s book – “The Chronicles of Roob”. 

This limited edition comprises characters that have special rarity and traits providing a secure certification of authenticity. We are building something phenomenal as DWCC will become a premier hub for crypto enthusiasts, NFTs, and SlothRoob fans. 

Future Collections 

  • Mammoth Boof

  • Squirrel Toot

  • Tiger Hooch

  • Weasel Wooz

Exclusive Perks for Holders

Some of the exclusivity perks for DWCC NFT holders include: 

  • Priority position in the “Roobs List” to acquire future released NFTs. 

  • Collect, Trade, and have fun with our NFTs in marketplaces. 

  • Receive a special edition of “ The Chronicles of Roob “ storybook once published. 

  • Exclusive membership to the “Roobs“ club and their community giveaways. 

  • Exclusive access to the project’s voting system and holders’ votes. 

  • Access to partner collections at exclusive discounted prices. 

Crypto enthusiasts, NFT collectors, and SlothRoob fans would be able to mint the Sloth Roob NFTs exclusively on the DWCC website, with collectors enjoying special perks while becoming a part of a strong community with a unique ecosystem. 

About DCWW (Digital Web Creation Club) 

Digital Web Creation Club (DWCC) is the premium hub where leads artists, designers, and creators generate unique, nonstop digital collectibles characters, digital content, and NFTs on the blockchain. Beyond books, we aim to provide compounding values and multimedia possibilities for our readers using decentralized technology. The DWCC Ecosystem provides unending possibilities with digital collections inspired by original, state-of-the-art books. 

DWCC Vision 

Bridging art and utility while building a great community around digital characters for all members of the entertainment industry. We believe everybody should have a meta identity and be part of the metaverse future. 


The team is an excellent combination of technology and strategy. 

Team members are experts from the traditional art industry with experience in renowned art institutions. 

The core members include professional engineers with blockchain and cryptography-related experience from leading internet companies. 

They like to consider ourselves a leading player in the NFT field both in terms of its team and technical capacity.

DWCC Official Links 

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