Lamicall ALL LOCK, World’s First Never-Fall Magnetic Phone Mount System, Launches on Kickstarter

June 09 19:34 2022
ALL LOCK comes with the safest double-locking mechanism that includes magnetic alignment and automatic locking.

United States – Lamicall announces the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for its innovative product called ALL LOCK, which is the world’s first never-fall magnetic phone mount system. Developed using its proprietary technology, ALL LOCK is equipped with the safest double-locking mechanism that includes magnetic alignment and automatic locking. This is one of the first of its kind product on the market that comes with this remarkable dual security feature.

“We are excited to bring ALL LOCK, our innovative product, for the benefit of users across the world. ALL LOCK is the world’s first mobile phone bracket set system with both magnetic speed and cardholder stability,” says Natalie Song, a representative from Lamicall. “ALL LOCK includes the best features available in other brands while doing away with the drawbacks of its competitors.”

According to Natalie, the proprietary design features of ALL LOCK sets it apart from all other competitors. The product is fast to use, sturdy and durable. You can mount your phone whenever and wherever you want with this very practical and convenient magnetic phone holder set. It can withstand 25kg of pulling force without falling off.

ALL LOCK has simplified and streamlined the phone mounting and dismounting procedure down to a mere 0.5 second. The product guarantees instant single-hand alignment every time, thanks to its strategically inbuilt magnets array.

ALL LOCK automatically and firmly locks your phone into place through free-moving bolts brilliantly featured in each of the four corners. Your phone will be secure and steady as a rock and not fall in even the most violent movements.

The ALL LOCK ecosystem comes in eight individual phone mounts, thus ensuring that it covers practically every scenario for your mobile device usage. The company has made sure that this product is compatible with all phone models. ALL LOCK features a two-part dynamic mounting design. With either ALL LOCK’s MagSafe-compatible case or snap adapter on your phone, you can quickly and conveniently mount your phone on any of the eight matching phone holders.

ALL LOCK is a versatile product and can be used with most of your daily activities. Users will especially find it a convenient tool when it comes to working and playing, as well as sports and travel.

For adventure lovers, bodybuilders, and those engaging in physical activities, this product is a perfect companion. You can securely mount your phone onto an armband or backpack strap for quick, easy access. There’s no way it can slip off, regardless of how hard you’re pumping.

ALL LOCK comes in handy while you are commuting and cycling. Enjoy your ride by keeping your phone in place on the roughest road, adjusting its position and taking the best photos with it at any time in one quick motion.

The product takes care of Apple users as well. With zero interference to MagSafe functionality, the ALL LOCK everyday case is compatible with any of your existing Magsafe accessories. Snap on and charge away, ALL LOCK complements your Apple devices.

ALL LOCK is designed with ease of use in mind. The ergonomic design and wireless charging add to the convenience when using this brilliant product. Backed by a thoughtful design and packed with a bunch of useful features, ALL LOCK is an all-around solution to hold your phone wherever you go.

Lamicall is looking for community support for its product to take it to the next level. The company is offering great incentives for Super Early Bird supporters. To back this project, head over to:

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Lamicall is a professional team focusing on the design, development, and sales of high-precision holders for mobile devices. The company constantly innovates to provide highly practical and convenient products to global consumers. With 10 years of research, development, and experience creating cellphone accessories, Lamicall has proven brand quality and earned the loyal trust of worldwide users.

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