StemCells21 is set to launch a new bio-pharmaceutical and stem cell laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand

June 07 09:23 2022
StemCells21 Bio-Pharma and Stem Cell Laboratories are Cell-derived Biologics and Pharmaceutical production facilities, producing high-quality and safe cell-derived products. The facility has been constructed following FDA approved plans and awaits full FDA registration upon completion and systems auditing.

Bangkok, Thailand – StemCells21 Bio-Pharma laboratories, a leading biopharmaceutical company with operations in Thailand, recently announced that it will be launching a new bio-pharmaceutical and stem cell laboratory in Bangkok, Thailand. The lab is scheduled to be operational by September 2022.

Speaking on the occasion, Paul Collier, Founder of StemCells21, said, “We are excited to announce our upcoming bio-pharmaceutical and stem cell laboratory. The launch of the lab will be a key milestone in our growth trajectory. It underpins our commitment to research, development, and production of stem cells and our relentless pursuit of excellence in stem cell technologies. The new lab will play a significant role in addressing the growing requirements of stem cell products in the region.”

StemCells21 takes pride in its state-of-the-art technology that ensures the production of high-quality and safe cell products. The SC21 Bio-Pharma and Stem Cell Laboratories, after completion of construction, will finalize its application to become a fully FDA-registered Biological and Pharmaceutical production facility. By executing and documenting Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), the lab assures that all government regulations are met and that all relative cell products meet defined release criteria.

“At SC21 Bio-Pharma laboratories we produce a selection of stem cells & immune cells for a range of research applications. All cell cultures are performed following strict international guidelines and quality control measurements to follow GMP production,” adds Paul.

StemCells21’s new lab will allow individuals to donate and store their own stem cells which could be used in the future for their personal medical needs. In this fast-evolving field, stem cell therapies are being developed to treat several medical conditions such as heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and orthopedic issues, among other potential therapeutic uses and cosmetic procedures.

Despite its modest beginnings, today StemCells21 has evolved into a leading lab that is redefining 21st Century Bio-Pharma & Nutraceuticals. With a professional team, the latest technology, world-class processes, and stringent quality control measures, StemCells21 has become a symbol of excellence and reliability in the development and production of stem cell products.

About StemCells21

StemCells21 Bio-Pharma is engaged in the research and development of stem cell products. The lab produces a selection of stem cells & immune cells for a range of research applications. The company is open to scientific or medical collaboration with academia and other organizations working in this area. StemCells21 is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

For more information about StemCells21 and to explore collaboration opportunities, send an email or reach out via the website.

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