The Tech Academy Named Best Coding Boot Camp

May 27 12:33 2022
The Tech Academy delivers online coding boot camps that bring about well-rounded graduates and entry-level technology workers. They were just granted SwitchUp.Org’s Best Coding Boot Camp Award!

The Tech Academy is an award-winning, licensed technology trade school. They deliver online and in-person coding boot camps that bring about well-rounded graduates and entry-level technology workers. They offer classes in virtually every aspect of technology, including coding, data science, mobile app development, game development, design, and cyber security.

In a recent development, after successfully training thousands of talented and productive coders, the school has received the prestigious award of SwitchUp.Org’s Best Coding Boot Camp Award. SwitchUp has been helping students reach their career goals by connecting them to highly-rated tech bootcamps with solid outcomes. It allows students to easily compare their options for tech bootcamps in coding, data science, web design, and more.

The highly professional Instructors at The Tech Academy review student code and assist in debugging. Every Tech Academy boot camp has the same goal: To graduate entry-level technology professionals who excel in the basics of their field and have successful careers in the tech industry and whose actions raise industry standards and surpass client expectations. 

The Tech Academy offers six boot camp tracks:

 1. Software Developer Boot Camp

 2. Cyber Security Boot Camp

 3. Java and Android Boot Camp

 4. C# and .NET Boot Camp

 5. Python Boot Camp

 6. Web Developer Boot Camp

 7. UI/UX Designer Boot Camp

 8. Data Science Boot Camp

 9. Mobile App Developer Boot Camp

 10. Game Developer Boot Camp

 11. JavaScript Boot Camp

Every program starts with computer science basics of technology and coding. Students then learn multiple programming languages and skills needed to be successful developers. Students participate in a live project at the end of their program and receive job placement training. The process teaches students how to build a technical resume, the best networking and interview practices, and all the skills needed to get a good job in technology. Graduates from The Tech Academy are trained in several in-demand programming languages and are set up for a long-lasting, successful career in technology. 

Jack Stanley and Erik Gross co-founded the Tech Academy in 2014. As the Co-Founder and Chairman of the school’s Board of Directors, Jack Stanley supervises the day-to-day activities and long-term planning for The Tech Academy. Erik assists in curriculum oversight and public relations.

Interested students who want to be successful developers should enroll at The Tech Academy today. Visit their website now to get started! 

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