BNG Infotech Private Limited Offers User-Friendly Transport Management Software

May 07 03:51 2022

BNG Infotech Private Limited offers highly efficient transport management software. With them, one can get powerful logistics and transport ERP solutions that guarantee high productivity, drive business growth, and monitors critical business processes. The company uses the latest technology. This enables them to provide the best solutions to their clients. The company has a friendly customer support team that is always available to provide support and consultation to its clients.

Speaking about the company’s modules, the company spokesperson said, “Our company was established in 2005. We started with a single transport module that had booking, payments, lorry hire, billing, and accounting options. The module was mainly focused on the full truckload type of business. Nowadays, we provide a wide array of modules. With our company, clients can choose a particular module based on their requirements. Some of the modules we specialize in include fleet management, transport accounting, and many more.”

Nowadays, there are technological advancements in various industries. In the logistics industry, there is the introduction of transport and logistics software systems or TMS. The transport management software typically facilitates the flow of information from goods booking to delivery, lorry hiring to pay-outs, and order to cash. Thus, helping the transport industry to move from an unorganized to an organized sector. Those interested in an online transport management system can contact BNG Infotech Private Limited. The company offers one web-based TMS solution for all transport verticals, including freight forwarding, 3PL warehousing, and many more.

Offering reasons why transport management software is gaining popularity among numerous individuals, the company spokesperson said, “The transport management software is gaining quite some popularity among the masses these days. It assists people in various ways. The software enables one to manage and then audit their cargo bills as and when they have asked for them. It allows clients to select the best route to travel on time. Moreover, the software allows one to further track down and trace particular products.”

Looking for a logistics cloud software company in India? BNG Infotech Private Limited offers the best transport ERP software solutions in the country. They have vast experience in the business. Thus, the company can provide software that helps business owners get total control of their business operations. They understand that the Logistics industry is usually faced with several challenges from different angles. That is why the company developed a transport management software to assist one in overcoming some of the challenges. They have an online platform that makes it easy for clients to access their services at any time of the day.

About BNG Infotech Private Limited

BNG Infotech Private Limited offers LOZICS ERP available on the cloud and can be used as SaaS. They have a team of dedicated technicians and domain experts who utilize the most effective implementation strategy to provide quick results to their clients. The company usually trains its clients on how to use its software.

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