World’s First NFT Marketplace with Zero Fees, is Launched

May 03 22:57 2022
Emerging as a pioneering initiative in the innovative blockchain sector, is the world’s first zero-fee marketplace, developed by NFT Brands.

May 3, 2022 – Currently, a significant barrier for NFT enthusiasts is represented by the fees incurred by most platforms. For instance, Opensea and other markets are attempting to gain market share by charging their customers a service charge of 2.5 – 5 %.

Moving forward, aims to tackle these limitations and intends to operate on a cost-free basis to revolutionize the NFT space and genuinely work as a true peer-to-peer universe for those in the NFT industry.

Overall, the developers behind recognize that NFTs have the essential characteristics of indivisibility, uniqueness, provenance, transparency, and rarity, but also acknowledge that the benefits of NFTs rest in their ability to connect people and to expose the world to new and interesting ways. In addition, has acquired the support of brands & creators partnered with NFT Brands for future innovative project launches.

Leveraging the Potential of NFTs

Furthermore, a guiding perspective for is that the advantages of NFTs may pave the way for the formation and expansion of an entirely new creator economy in the years to come. Hence, these prospects highlight the importance of a marketplace that does not pose as many barriers as most existing platforms.

For this vision to become a reality for the stakeholders involved, it must be both efficient as well as affordable to enact peer-to-peer transactions. In taking on this quest, is the first platform worldwide to do so!

NFT Brands Inc. – the team behind

NFT Brands has established itself as an industry leader in developing NFT and Metaverse technology. So far, the experts behind NFT Brand have been partnering with a plethora of NFT projects, adopting a holistic process and beginning with A to Z, creating a brand’s and creator’s footprint in the Metaverse. In their pursuit, they have generated new income streams and facilitated engagement with new audiences in the development, design, and marketing of multiple digital brands.

By leveraging its wealth of experience with various NFT projects, NFT Brands has amassed the expertise required to develop a revolutionary Marketplace that considers the perspectives of artists, developers, marketers, and consumers all at once.

NFT Brands encompasses a team of more than 100 developers, designers, and clever minds that share a bright future vision. Along with the advent of Web 3, Metaverse technology, and the old-fashioned internet, they have been working together to solve unique issues and connect assets via NFTs.

In all its initiatives, NFT Brands has been using data gathered from global markets to be analyzed to personalize the experience to certain demographics and increase revenue even more. Hence, this information served as a key element in the customer-centered design of the marketplace, taking into consideration the predominant preferences of the NFT enthusiasts.

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