Black Series HQ12: Getting a Fantastic RV is Easier than People Think

May 03 10:54 2022

A cool summer evening is a great opportunity to drive a pop-up roof recreational vehicle (RV) to a lake. Break out some fishing equipment from the RV and go fishing with wives and kids by the lake in the light of the sunset. Before the sun fully dips below the horizon, People will catch some fish. Now, customers may be wondering why people don’t drive the RV to a camp. Are water, electricity and other relevant amenities available in the RV. Customers can relax. This is the Black Series HQ12, a comfortable and powerful RV. Thanks to the amenities and configurations of this all-terrain travel trailer, people no longer need to drive to a camp and could even live in the wild for more than a month!

A less than enjoyable trip can leave the family feeling disappointed. Having proper accommodations prepared is key for enjoying a trip. Otherwise, people often need to leave a great scenic spot after only getting to enjoy it for a little while. An RV, especially the HQ12 travel trailer, will solve that problem and provide customers and their families with what they need to have a fully enjoyable trip. Let’s go back to the scene by the lake. In order to make dinner, people cook the fish just caught over a big fire in the hearth outside the vehicle. The fish is fresh and delicious and tastes different from the fish they normally eat. They enjoy their fish meal with a cool glass of craft beer and think themselves, “This is the life!” If the kids are tired from playing, there are three beds available for the whole family to sleep in. After the kids fall asleep, parents can walk to take in the small world right outside the door. Or may make an open fire outside the RV, play some mellow music, have another drink, look far out across the blue lake, and admire the stars. What a relaxing moment! Is there anything else happier than enjoying nature’s beautiful views with family?

This sort of camping experience might seem like it would be outside the budget, but when people calculate the costs, they might be surprised. The typical RV trip will cost roughly $100 a day in camping expenses on average. If they travel by RV for 60 days every year, the annual camping expenses will be $6,000. And if they do that for ten years, their camping expenses alone will cost them $60,000, basically the same price as a Black Series HQ12. So, buy an HQ12 all-terrain travel trailer and save the 10-year camping expenses. It’s so cost-effective and exciting!

What’s more, this is no ordinary RV. HQ12 can run stably on hills and mountains, at the edge of a desert, in rough wildness or even in the desert. The reinforced chassis, independent suspension, off-road tires and safe traction chain ensure comprehensive safety when driving the HQ12. There is also sufficient electricity, a huge water tank, internal and external kitchen systems, a comfortable sanitary system and a super large storage space. It also comes with a refrigerator, air conditioner, and TV. Everything is ready for the wonderful trip. The HQ12 ensures a good start to the trip so that customers can appreciate the scenery outside and experience a home-like stay inside the RV. That’s what HQ12 all-terrain travel trailer, the ticket to adventure, will do for everyone!

Buy an RV and prepare food ingredients and tools. Gather the family together to embark on a new journey. Welcome to the RV travelers’ world! Discover the next wonderful trip! 

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