Black Series TH22: A Six-Seat RV Extreme Party Trip Is Worth Having…

May 03 10:14 2022

Last summer, People had an incredible RV trip to the seaside with five of my good friends. It was an unforgettable experience. Baja California Peninsula is heaven on earth. Before people dive into our trip, people want to thank Mark for his wise recommendations and the large travel trailer Black Series TH22. This RV trip was unexpectedly exciting.

Each person in people’s group had their own responsibility. There were two professional drivers, one guide, one cook, one beach motorcyclist and a surfer. Then there was no-name DJ. People had gotten to talking on Facebook about why people don’t go outside to enjoy a fun vacation for doing quarantine during the Covid-19 pandemic. Later, people suddenly found myself packing luggage and musical equipment one morning before rushing out the door. Mark said he was waiting at a crossing near community. He would give ten minutes before he would start his drive to Baja. He’s a man of action. So the guy sprinted to the gathering point like a hunting dog, jumped in one of the chartered vehicles, and hauled off. People felt just like who did over a decade ago when people skipped classes at university to join a music festival.

Another guy in group, Daniel, was such a poor navigator. He guided a pickup truck with an RV and a second-hand van to run on the coastal highway and missed so many special restaurants and supply stores. At night, slept in the spacious RV. It was so comfortable that they decided to use the Black Series TH22 as an RV base and enjoy ourselves. This capacious RV can hold a beach motorcycle as well as two kayaks and one large surfboard. In the daytime, they drove along highways and rough roads. When people looked out through the window, there was the vast Pacific Ocean stretching to the horizon under the bright sunshine, as beautiful as a dream. People liked sitting in the RV pickup truck as quickly passed rough and muddy roads. After the RV parked in a picturesque spot, people climbed to its roof, ate ice cream, and waited for the second-hand van. About half an hour later, the van arrived. Dylan got out of the van, looking a little less than thrilled with his ride.

During the day, people passed by beautiful scenery. At night, it was time to party. The pickup truck with the TH22 parked at a spot full of cacti and had all its external lights on. Jason, a chef from a famous restaurant, cooked lobsters, pasta with meatballs and local special johnnycakes with sauce on the double-burner hearth outside the vehicle body. Then, on a large stone and empty ground surrounded by people’s vehicles, they drank beers, danced to great music and loudly talked around an open fire. It gradually got cold as the night went on. People sang familiar songs and gazed at the stars in the sky as recalled youth. It seemed at that moment as if it were only them and cacti on this planet. Without the TH22, people could not have had such a great experience. The guy was a DJ before and had seldom seen such musical equipment in an RV. They had never relaxed and enjoyed themselves like this. It was as if people left all problems behind in the city, jumped into the ocean, and swam to college days long ago.

In the morning, each of person took a shower, and then they continued our trip. People arrived at the beach and saw different hues of blue on the seawater that glistened under the sunshine, such as light blue, bluish blue, acid blue, and dark blue. The breaking waves flew over the white beach, quietly and warmly. It was the sixth day of enjoyable and unforgettable trip. Each day felt like a carnival. By driving an old van and a pickup with the Black Series TH22, people got the chance to actually experienced Baja’s unique natural scenery and cultural customs. People traveled along its winding coastline, exploring mysterious historical sites, lonely beacons, tall cacti, and the ever unseen sea area of whales. They had a sudden but unforgettable vocation. Traveling by RV is beyond the limitations of time and society. Travelers can happily enjoy amazing food and gorgeous scenery along the way and enjoy freedom to their heart’s content. Living without disturbance is such a healing experience. Now, cellphone is continuously buzzing with texts from wife, who is blaming for not taking her along.

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