AGELOCER, explore the world in a mechanical form, redefining the mechanical watches

AGELOCER, explore the world in a mechanical form, redefining the mechanical watches

November 29
01:18 2021

Agelcoer, China’s new generation of mechanical watches brand, has always adhered to the design concept which is “redefining mechanical watches and always surprised” from the initial idea to the production process, so that the wearer can truly feel the innovation and uniqueness of Agelcoer mechanical watches.

Explore the world in a mechanical form

Different from the meaning of traditional mechanical watches, watches are no longer just tool for telling time in the past. Agelcoer is committed to using mechanical timepieces to express the exploration of the world, or the relationship between machinery and the universe, or the relationship between machinery and speed, or exploring the limits of the application of new materials. Everything in the world has made Agelcoer’s design inspiration.

Agelocer is built on its professionalism and love for mechanical watches. Agelcoer penetrates rationality, beauty and creativity into every watch, injects playful design soul into every watch, makes mechanical watches full of design vitality. Every Agelcoer watch is an interesting story, as well as the design vitality of a new generation of mechanical watches, a new interpretation of traditional watches.

Make a timepiece that meets the tastes of young people

Agelcoer is committed to creating a new generation of young people’s watches. The new generation of young people have thoughts, pursuits, and dreams. They will choose characteristic products that suit their own personality. They hate immutability and conformity, and are willing to break the solidified form.

In Agelcoer’s world, youth has nothing to do with age. In Agelocer’s opinion, there are many ways to be young. It can be in a variety of forms. Being young is a sincere self-confidence that can calmly accept all aspects of the world and explore the world with a pure heart. Therefore, in the product design of Agelcoer, the brand did not deliberately cater to the so-called popular trend to make designs, but instead adopted “unconformity, original design, design vitality, and interesting” as the design principle. Its eclectic design style allows the wearer to show a Uninhibited personality.

Dedication and deep affection for complex mechanical technology

Since the establishment of the brand, Agelcoer has always adhered to original design and independent research and development of the movement, invested heavily in technology research and development, has the ability to handle complex mechanical technology, and it is committed to creating a new era of quality movement in China. The power reserve of the new generation Agelcoer movement reaches astonishing 80 hours, which is twice that of the ordinary movement. Even if it is not worn for three days, the time can be kept accurate. On the basis of this technology, we continue to build pioneering original movements.

Agelcoer has unique insights and pursuits on watchmaking technology. Its product team runs through the entire line from design and drawing, plate making, accessory production, manual assembly, and testing. Ingenious design and excellence in technology have allowed Chinese watches to retain their place in the watch industry, and they will no longer be the shadow of others.

So far, Agelcoer has won 9 design awards, including the 2020 London Design Award, the 2021 Italian A Design Award, the 2021 Berlin Design Award and the 2022 German National Design Award. It has been praised and recognized by the design community.


For Agelcoer, innovation never ends. The concept of “redefining mechanical watches” allows Agelcoer mechanical watches to explore the world with mechanical timepieces. It uses exquisite craftsmanship, unique creativity and distinctive style to create a mechanical watch brand that loves machinery, pursues quality, and expresses personality.

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