DDA Platform Provides Kinase Products and Services to Satisfy the Research Needs of Drug Discovery

July 02 01:09 2021
DDA platform announced the release of its kinase products and services in order to satisfy the research needs of drug discovery.

New York, USA – July 1, 2021 – DDA platform, the professional division of Creative Bioarray, providing integrated drug discovery services to pharma, biotechnology companies, and academic institutions around the world with the best screening equipment and cell models, as well as the latest innovations in drug discovery. Recently, DDA platform announced the release of its kinase products and services in order to satisfy the research needs of drug discovery.

Protein kinases are involved in many cell signaling pathways and are one of the largest families of homologous proteins. They play a wide range of roles in the signal transduction and regulation of complex cellular processes required to maintain life. Overexpression and/or dysregulation of protein kinases can lead to a variety of diseases, thereby providing numerous targets for drug development. Currently, approximately 24% of drug discovery and development research expenditures are focused on kinases. In view of the huge demand for small molecules targeting such proteins, many technologies and platforms have been developed to discover kinase inhibitors, including biochemical-based functional assays and compound binding competition assays.

Protein kinases represent the most promising set of drug targets because they are involved in pathological conditions such as cancer, neurological diseases, inflammatory diseases, and metabolic problems. Classical methods for analyzing kinase activity include quantifying phosphoryl transfer by detecting the production of phosphorylated products or changes in the ratio of ATP to ADP. To assist in kinase drug discovery efforts, Creative Bioarray provides high-quality, time-efficient, and cost-effective kinase solutions for assay development, high-throughput screening (HTS), and selective analysis including radiation-based measurement and fluorescence-based detection analysis.

The characteristics of kinase detection provided by Creative Bioarray include homogeneous, non-radioactive, robust, universal (any enzyme-substrate combination), suitable for different kinases and different substrates, using polyphosphorylated substrates, and minimal false positives, and distinguish between ATP competitive and non-competitive inhibitors.

“Creative Bioarray has decades of experience in providing kinase products and services to meet various drug discovery research needs.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Biaorray, she also claimed, “Whether you need high-quality active proteins for internal research and drug discovery screening, or want to outsource your custom protein production, assay development, and kinase selective analysis, our team can help support your project.”

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